How to Play on Platinum

How to Play on Platinum

Platinum Play is the new name given to the old iPoker Network that was launched originally for the Irish casinos. This new name is definitely a step up from the old iPoker that was being offered by Victor Chandler. The main difference between the two is that when you play on iPoker Network, you have the choice of depositing money into your account with your credit card and get paid with your winnings once you reach the amount of $100.00. It is basically the same as depositing money into your bank account to get paid off.

The actual iPoker was a much faster system once you joined and you were able to get your game on after registering for either a free account or depositing money into the iPoker Network. Nowadays many sites offer the same games but they are just waiting on the big hitters to come and go. standalone poker rooms are also a good way to enjoy playing on thepokersite but you still need to register as a paying member.

The poker rules on iPoker are the same as many other poker sites and you need to know how to play poker if you ever want to sit in on a game at iPoker offers Texas Hold em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud and Razz. They offer tournaments but you probably want to know what the prize payouts are before you play in those. Many sites offer money payouts but it really depends on the number of players and the size of the pot.

The biggest advantage to playing on iPoker is that it is one of the few rooms that has a percentage payout on the loyalty program. This means that if you play packed there is a chance that you can sit back and make some money for your time. What is nice about this is that most poker sites have a loyalty program, but not all of them offer the same thing. Most sites are usually grouped in one of the following categories: Progressive, Revenue Share, % Deal, Order Offer, Order Offer/Revenue Share.

On any given day, you should be able to find several tournament games running on Titan Poker. What this means is that not only can you play poker, but you can participate in their wide variety of card and table games for every kind of budget. Poker here is becoming increasingly popular and there are many different events happening for a number of different brands within the world. Their VIP program has some amazing offers available to their players. Take a look at the schedule on their website; I believe you will find a lot of different choices for how and where you want to play.

Their new player bonus is called Maxi rewards, and if you are a new player, you can receive a $500 bonus. What is nice about this is that it is the largest bonus that they have to offer to new players. You can also find some very good promotions for players as they have some very rewards for their players. Important note: When you are a first time deposit on iPoker, they will ask for your address so that they can verify it and make sure that you are the one that is registered. So don’t worry about getting your address emails from gaming sites, as they will not be mailed to you.

As I stated earlier, everything is relatively simple and easy to understand, so if you apply pressure on yourself to learn poker, you will most likely fail. Don’t worry because you are not going to lose anything but you are going to get a ton of experience for your money. What could be easier than that? Take advantage of the learn-play attitude that is so prevalent in the industry and Before you know it, you will be winning down to the river.


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